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Mark Foster swimming suit split, Philip Olivier penis exposed underwater and miscellaneous swimmers bulges.

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Gay naked sport. Oil Gay Wrestling Match

This week on Naked Kombat, two newcomers go head to head in a battle for sexual dominance. Chad Anderson has a hot, muscular, body and a huge, thick cock. His background is in kickboxing and he plans to quickly find his opponents weakness and use it to his advantage. He has every intention to mop the floor with with his opponent, before shoving that giant cock up his ass. Koby Fox is tall and lean, and comes to us with a background in kickboxing and 12 years of aikido. He is confident that he can use his brains and flexibility to work Chad into submission and then skull fuck him until he shoots a huge load all over his face. Somebody will end up broken on the mat. Who will it be this week?

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Naked male sports

naked male sports Tommy Defendi strokes his nine inch cock and fights Dan Caroggio in oil

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May the best man win, and then fuck the loser

Tommy Defendi returns to Naked Kombat with an 0:2 record. Tommy has yet to win a match here but he is unfazed by his record. Tommy has mixed martial arts training and has been working out hard-core to meet the rigors of an Naked Kombat fight. He absolutely refuses to lose today’s match against Dane Caroggio. Dane is new to Naked Kombat but no stranger to a fight. With martial arts training and more than a couple bar fights under his belt, this tenacious newcomer has the confidence and swagger of an old pro. Will this be enough to take down Tommy, or will he be made to worship Tommy’s thick nine inch cock?

Muscular men! Unscripted wrestling! Hot sex!

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Two hot studs give their all in a fight for gay wrestling sexual domination



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Naked sports guys

naked sports guys Adam Knox fights for real with CJ to see who gets fucked

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CJ is back after a harsh defeat from DJ in the oil match. CJ worked on his cardio and picked up a few tips since then. He cant wait to rack up points and gets dirty with some ass fingering, ball grabbing, and face sitting. He takes on fresh meat and Naked Kombat virgin Adam Knox. Adam is ripped and loves to show off his muscles. Both boys can handle their fair share of pain, which is good, because this is going to be a grueling battle of stamina. The first one to break will be ridden like an animal and take a hard pounding up the ass as his punishment.

If You Start On Your Knees You May End Up on Your Knees


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Naked men sports

naked men sports Shane Frost wrestles and fucks muscle stud Luke Riley


Luke Riley returns to Naked Kombat with a 1:1 record. He may have lost his last match against the hulking Samuel Colt, but this time he is buffed up and ready for action. Every inch of this stud’s body is toned and hard, including his monster cock. Shane Frost is a newbie on Naked Kombat. Don’t let this pretty boy fools you. Shane is a badass and has a personality of a pitbull. Both Luke and Shane have big fat cocks and both want to fuck the loser. There is only one winner and it’s an all out fight for glory and sexual control.

Engage the Enemy & Force Him to Submit

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Naked sports boys

Naked sports boys Muscle stud Chad Dylan fights and fucks Martin Lorenzo on Naked Kombat

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East Coast native Martin Lorenzo travels west to face off Chad Dylan this week on Naked Sport blog. Both fighters’ records are 0-1 on Naked Combat. Each one is eager to defeat their opponent and claim their first victory. Will it be Chad Dylan, whose gorgeous, bulging physique is built for power and whose throbbing, eight-inch cock is built for fucking? Or will it be our New Yorker, Martin, whose quiet, laid back demeanor hides beast within waiting to pounce and attack its prey? Martin has been training since his last match and his body is in top form. Both fighters are going at it balls to the wall for gay sexual domination.

You Will Fight to be On Top, but Beg to be on Bottom

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Two ripped studs fight for real and the winner fucks the loser

With the record of 3-2 on Nk, DJ is fighting Daniel Star who is brand new to Nk. Daniel has army combat training and four years of Jiu-Jitsu. Daniel is looking for a little foot worship. He hopes to win so he can shove his entire size 13 foot into DJ’s mouth and abuse his ass with his eight-inch cock. Both fighters are ripped and fast. The battle is on and this match stays tight till the very end.

Take Him Down and Suck Him Off

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Naked sports galleries

naked sports galleries Phenix Saint gets Jason Miller in a full nelson and fucks him hard

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This is the second Naked Kombat match for both fighters. In his first match, Phenix mopped the floor with Patrick Rouge. He shows up today with great confidence. Jason got choked the entire time in his first match with Dustin Michaels. He has been training hard and he wants to redeem himself today. Both are going all out on the Ultimate Surrender mat for sexual domination!

The Rat Tail: So far we have used the rat tail twice on Naked Kombat and it happens to be posted back to back. It’s not in next week match or many weeks after that.

They Fight to be On Top, but Beg to be on the Bottom


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Male naked sports

male naked sports Trent Diesel gets in a hot naked wrestling session

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Straight from the heartland, studly Trent Diesel is brand new to Naked Kombat. Trent is very athletic and he has MMA background. With the Naked Kombat record of 3-1, DJ is ready to add another notch on his belt. He’s counting on Trent’s inexperience with Naked Kombat style. DJ strategy is to wear out Trent in the first round with his wrestling holds and sexually humiliates him in the sex round.

Studs Pound Each Other to the Mat Before Pounding Each Other in the Ass

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